Parts Wash

Parts Cleaner/Degreaser

Dirt, oil, grease and grime don't just look bad, their build-up hinders the productivity of machines, wears away delicate parts and seriously reduces the life span of your equipment. To keep things running smoothly, Share developed PARTS WASH. The careful blend of solvent cleaners quickly penetrate grease, oil, carbon and dirt deposits while built-in emulsifiers hold contaminants in suspension. A quick wipe with a clean towel or warm-water rinse is all that's required to remove tough, greasy build-ups. Its low evaporative characteristics and low flammability make PARTS WASH an economical and safe solvent that is ideally suited for circulating parts washers. To extend the life of your equipment, be sure to wash away oily deposits with PARTS WASH from Share.


  • Low flammability reduces fire hazards associated with naphtha solvents.
  • Equally effective when brushed, sprayed or wiped onto parts.
  • Contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons.
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