Evapo-Kleen [Multi-Purpose Solvent Degreaser]

When you need the power of a sand blaster and the delicacy of a feather duster, you need - EVAPO-KLEEN from Share. It is a powerful, safe degreaser that attacks tough oils, greases and other surface contaminants to leave items clean and residue free. EVAPO-KLEEN is a multi-purpose solvent formulated to be versatile. It is equally effective in several industries such as packaging, printing and maintenance. EVAPO-KLEEN does not contain environmentally-harmful CFC's or chlorinated solvents, yet evaporates quickly to leave no residue. Plus, it leaves behind a pleasant mint fragrance as it works.


  • Excellent degreaser for removing oil, grease, dirt and wax.
  • Replaces chlorinated solvents and CFC compounds.
  • Safe to use on most painted surfaces.
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