Paint Stripper Aerosol

Paint & Varnish Remover Spray

With Share's PAINT STRIPPER AEROSOL, paint comes off even easier than it went on. Spray a light coat of PAINT STRIPPER onto almost any surface and watch as paint and varnish quickly bubble and flake. Within 5 to 15 minutes, the powerful ingredients quickly penetrate thick layers of paint, forcing them to blister. This makes it easy to scrape away the remaining residue with a putty knife, cloth or strong water spray. PAINT STRIPPER AEROSOL also removes enamel and varnish without harming underlying surfaces made of wood, metal, concrete, and brick - an ideal solution for the effective yet safe removal of graffiti. As a thick, gel-like spray, it clings to vertical surfaces and keeps fumes to a minimum.


  • Ensures fast, on the spot stripping without brushes, sprayers or rollers.
  • Gel formula clings to vertical surfaces.
  • Convenient aerosol provides precise application of stripper.
  • VOC compliant paint stripper.
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