Citra-Gel Aerosol

Clinging Emulsifiable Degreasing Gel

Keep expensive machinery and equipment running smooth and clean by removing accumulated grease, tar, pitch and asphalt with CITRA-GEL Clinging Emulsifiable Degreasing Gel from Share. CITRA-GEL uses the natural strength of the citrus extract d Limonene to power through tough grease and grime, leaving tools, parts and machinery looking and running like new. The clinging, aerosol gel formula puts the d Limonene directly in contact with greasy grime and sticks there, even on vertical surfaces, to dissolve deposits. While it is an effective degreaser, CITRA-GEL will not harm most paints or vehicle decals. Share puts the degreasing power of d Limonene conveniently in your hands with the aerosol formula of CITRA-GEL AEROSOL.


  • Emulsifiable gel is easily rinsed away with water, leaving behind no film or residue.
  • The aerosol spray lets you get into corners and hard-to-reach places.
  • Contains d Limonene, an all-natural citrus extract degreaser.
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