Chersol [Degreaser]

Chlorinated solvents are great at getting things clean, but they also have some very hazardous drawbacks. Why put yourself and others in danger just to get your greasy equipment clean? Cut through grease, oil, tar and other grimy deposits quickly and safely with Share's CHERSOL. The blend of solvents found in CHERSOL is low in toxicity and has a higher flash point than d-limonene. These powerful degreasers not only cut through grease and grime, they deodorize with the clean, fresh scent of cherries. The emulsifiers in the formula allow you to flush soils away with high pressure water. Maintain your equipment and instruments with a strong, but safe degreaser - CHERSOL from Share.


  • Deodorizes with the clean scent of cherries.
  • Works well on metal parts and mechanisms without causing corrosion.
  • Emulsifies with water so soils can be flushed clean with water.
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