Citra Solve [Aerosol Flush-Off Solvent Degreaser]

Take care of grime, dirt, oil and even tar with the all natural cleaning solvent CITRA SOLVE from Share. CITRA SOLVE is an aerosol cleaner that contains the powerful degreasing solvent d'-Limonene, a remarkable solvent made from orange peel extracts. This potent ingredient along with other emulsifiers and detergents give CITRA SOLVE the muscle to strip through and lift dirt and grease deposits that accumulate on a variety of surfaces. Use it to clean metal, brick, fiberglass, concrete and plastic. Just spray a light coating on soiled surfaces, wait a few minutes and flush with a clean water rinse. CITRA SOLVE also makes a great cleaner on industrial equipment, engines and tools. No matter what the surface, Share's CITRA SOLVE will serve your purpose.


  • Also strong enough to remove tough, thick deposits such as asphalt, tar, wax, and gum.
  • Colorless, non-staining formula is safe on carpets, upholstery and painted surfaces.
  • All-natural citrus solvent is biodegradable and contains no chlorinated solvents, petroleum distillates, CFC's or ozone depleting substances.
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