PRIMO! [Premium Glass Cleaner & Polish Spray]

Ordinary glass cleaners may remove dirt, but they can also leave unsightly streaks. Instead, polish your glass surfaces and give them a bright, sparkling shine with PRIMO! Premium Glass Polish from Share. PRIMO! is a high-quality polish developed to bring out a superior shine without leaving unattractive streaks or a dull film. As a foaming aerosol, PRIMO! is easy to use. Simply spray onto surfaces and wipe away with a clean, dry cloth. In just one step, surfaces are left gleaming. PRIMO! also has a pleasant scent that leaves rooms smelling clean and fresh. Best of all, PRIMO! contains no ammonia making it safe for use on various surfaces such as windows, mirrors, acrylics, polycarbonates, chrome, tile and porcelain. So the next time you clean your windows, why not polish them at the same time with one product-Share's PRIMO! Premium Glass Polish.


  • Ammonia-free formula polishes glass to leave a sparkling shine.
  • Quickly dries-leaves no streaks or dull film.
  • Leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.
  • Ideal for use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
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