Silt & Sand Remover

Silt Suspending Agent

SILT & SAND REMOVER is a superior silt suspending agent. Storm and sanitary sewers handle an increased amount of water during rain storms and spring thaw. More water means more foreign material in your flowage and an increased likelihood of blockage. Sand, mud and silt collect and settle as flow speeds slow down. These particles can eventually build up and completely stop a sewer stream. To keep this debris moving and subsequent dirt and mud from settling, simply add SILT & SAND REMOVER. It has a series of wetting, penetrating and suspending agents that make particles more buoyant so they are less likely to settle and more easily rinsed downstream. Get SILT & SAND REMOVER from Share and your sewer blockage problems will glide away.


  • Moves both organic and inorganic debris.
  • Multiple ways of application including hydraulic jet pumping units, fire hoses and buckets.
  • Enhances and increases sewer flow when using in a regular flushing program.
  • Designated Green product, non-toxic, non-flammable and complies with Pollution Control Regulations.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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