BRISK BEADS [Solid Bead Deodorizer Packets]

BRISK BEADS fresh flow packets are no larger than the palm of your hand, but they pack a fistful of deodorizing power. Place a pouch anywhere you have malodors, and in no time rooms will smell fresh and clean. Just put a pouch in any inconspicuous corner and you're done. The beads do all the work. Hundreds of tiny scent beads in BRISK BEADS fresh flow packets release a long-lasting, pleasant aroma through the special air-flow pores on the pouch. They're perfect for a variety of places including kitchens, pet areas, locker rooms, hospitals, offices, lobbies, vehicles, laundry hampers and garbage areas. Plus, BRISK BEADS are effective and efficient to use. They combat smoke and other objectionable odors, there's no mess and the pouches are easy to clean up. You can even place BRISK BEADS fresh flow packets in vacuum cleaner bags to freshen the air as you clean. So, don't let the size of BRISK BEADS fresh flow packets fool you. They're the tiny pouch that's full of deodorizing power.


  • Eleven pleasant scents available- Cherry, Fresh-N-Clean, Green Apple, Honeysuckle, Orange Delight, Peach, Potpourri, Sea Mist, Strawberry, Vanilla and Watermelon.
  • Small easy-to-use pouches fit virtually anywhere malodors originate.
  • Strong scent beads emanate a pleasant, long-lasting aroma through special air-flow pores.
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Designated Green
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