Dynasty Drain Magic

Bacterial Drain Opener/Maintainer

The formula for this powerful drain cleaner puts two outstanding characteristics to work for you. First, the heavy gel formula sinks through backed-up water to get directly to the source of the clog. Then, the specially selected bacterial cultures eat away at fats, grease, oil and soap residue to strip away sludge and waste from pipe walls and traps. The live bacteria in DYNASTY DRAIN MAGIC then coat the walls of pipes to quickly and effectively biodegrade waste matter before it has a chance to cause another blockage, and does so without the obnoxious fumes usually associated with acidic or caustic drain openers. When clogged drains begin to get the best of you, pour a little magic on the problem - DYNASTY DRAIN MAGIC drain cleaner from Share.


  • Apply on regular basis to keep traps clear and eliminate the need for pump-outs.
  • Heavy gel formula sinks through water back-up to penetrate clogs.
  • Digests grease, fats and other organic waste.
  • A Designated Green Product and an NSF Registered enzymatic compound for use in sewage and/or drain lines of food processing or food service establishments.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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