DYNASTY 200 B.C. [Bacterial Digestant]

Adding DYNASTY 200 B.C. from Share to your waste treatment system enlists the power of ancient pioneers-bacteria colonies. DYNASTY 200 B.C. contains several hybrid bacteria and enzymes that aggressively induce the rapid decomposition of organic waste. DYNASTY 200 B.C. is fortified with a banquet of vitamins and nutrients which the bacteria and enzymes use to enhance their endurance. These added ingredients also constitute a reserve buffer for enzymes to thrive on when conditions may not be optimal for your system to operate at peak efficiency. DYNASTY 200 B.C. is effective at breaking through the build-up of proteins, starches, cellulose, animal and vegetable fats and oils. When you want a first-rate bacterial digestant that can reign over organic waste, get DYNASTY 200 B.C. from Share.


  • Contains amino acids and minerals as well as protease, amylase and lipase enzymes.
  • Contains a minimum of 2 billion bacteria colonies (aerobic and anaerobic) per gram.
  • Each batch is certified Salmonella free.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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