Emulsifiable Citrus Gel Degreaser

Do you have grease and odors sticking around your work area? Then get the cleaner that can stick it to these problems -- Share's CITRA-GEL. Because of its thixotropic nature, CITRA-GEL has the ability to cling virtually anywhere to lift and extract grime, even on vertical surfaces. A citrus extract called d Limonene is used to remove the most resistant grime including grease, tar, oil, asphalt and other similar soiling materials. Once stripped, rinsing emulsifiers surround and suspend loosened debris so that it's easily flushed away with water. Best of all, the d Limonene found in CITRA-GEL also overcomes malodors, leaving behind the fresh, fruity scent of oranges. Stick with Share's CITRA-GEL and you'll get stuck on a powerful cleaner that works in the stickiest situations.


  • Emulsifiers allow for easy and complete removal by flushing with water.
  • Leaves behind no residues.
  • Thixotropic gel provides clinging action to maximize effectiveness and minimize waste.
  • Can be applied by brush, mop, sponge spray or as a solution.
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