CITRA TOWELS [Waterless All-Purpose Wipes]

CITRA TOWELS are an all-purpose wipe used to clean tools, surfaces, and even hands. Each wipe is manufactured with a patented synthetic grit imbedded in the surface giving a gritty texture designed to lift and strip grease, oil, and ground-in dirt. All-natural d-Limonene is added to break down tough grease allowing for easy removal of dirt and grime. Although CITRA TOWELS are tough on dirt and grime, they won't cause hands to crack or dry out. So reach for the tough, gritty wipe that doesn’t irritate skin but stands up to difficult grease deposits – CITRA TOWELS from Share.


  • No petroleum solvents. Harmless to skin.
  • Safe on tools, vehicles, counters, equipment, plastics, metals, vinyl, and painted surfaces.
  • Cleans dirt, tar, grease, wax, lubricants, paint, ink, caulk, oil, adhesives, and much more.
  • VOC compliant hand cleaner/soap and general purpose cleaner/degreaser.
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