Pulse Auto Spray System

Metered Aerosol Deodorizers

Eliminate malodors with one of Share's many pleasant PULSE aromas. All of our powerful PULSE deodorizing scents fit into the PULSE AUTO SPRAY SYSTEM and are formulated with a superior suppressing agent that surrounds odors and inhibits them from emanating their awful smells. This allows each scent to freely permeate the air and freshen large areas of space with an attractive aroma. Rooms and moods instantly brighten! When used with Share's PULSE AUTO SPRAY SYSTEM, a spurt of fragrance is sprayed on a regular schedule to continually fill rooms with an appealing scent. Choose from a wide variety of fragrances.


  • VOC compliant in all states.
  • Choose from a wide variety of pleasant fragrances, many of which are Designated Green.
  • Economical aerosol canister can last up to 30 days.
  • Metering system dispenses the exact amount of fragrance every time with approximately 3,000 metered sprays per fragrance can.
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Designated Green
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