TOOLER [Metal Protectant Wipes]

TOOLER is a wipe which removes surface rust, grease, oil, and grime. Use TOOLER to clean and protect while leaving behind a long lasting barrier. Since water and water vapor will not penetrate this barrier, there is no way for rust to form. TOOLER is perfect for use on tools, machinery, parts or any metal surface where rust is a concern. Keep a tub of these towels in your maintenance area and wipe down all of your metal equipment before storing them for an extended period of time. By reducing the number of replacements you have to purchase, TOOLER will more than pay for itself!


  • Each tub contains 60 wipes that are 7
  • The re-sealable container prevents towels from drying out.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion by preventing water from contacting your equipment.
  • Safe for use on all metals.
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