RUBBER IN A CAN [Protective Flexible Rubber Coating]

Don't let damaging corrosion destroy your vehicles' surface or other metal equipment. Seal out moisture and the elements with Share's RUBBER IN A CAN. As an aerosol, RUBBER IN A CAN is easy to apply. Just spray metal parts and other surfaces with multiple coats until you achieve the thinness you desire. Overnight, RUBBER IN A CAN completely sets up into a durable rubber coating that offers maximum protection against moisture, salt, dirt, and extreme temperatures. It's perfect for cars, buses, trucks, HVAC equipment, section repairs, weld joints, gutters and flashings as well as other exposed metal. RUBBER IN A CAN is very versatile. Use it as a crack filler on concrete and asphalt driveways. Apply it to roofs to patch leaks or use it to seal tree wounds on trimmed branches. RUBBER IN A CAN is also ideal for sound proofing. So to seal out the damaging effects of the elements, seal up surfaces with RUBBER IN A CAN.


  • Protects metal surfaces and other equipment by sealing out moisture, winter salt residue, dirt and the damaging effects of the elements.
  • Packaged as an aerosol for easy, one-step application.
  • Also ideal for filling cracks in asphalt and concrete driveways.
  • Other uses include tree wound seal, roof patch and sound proofing.
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