GUARD ALL [Vinyl Conditioner & Protectant]

Because some surfaces are more delicate or pliable than others, they require a little extra protection to keep their guard up. When plastic, vinyl, leather and rubber need to be properly conditioned, get Share's GUARD ALL. It not only restores the original shine to all of these materials, it also conditions them to keep them from drying, cracking and losing their elasticity. Another of GUARD ALL's incredible properties is its ability to create an anti-static shield which resists and repels dust and dirt so that it can be quickly and effortlessly wiped away. GUARD ALL also works as a line of defense against harmful natural elements. It seals out ozone and oxygen, and acts as a screen against damaging ultraviolet rays that dull a surface's finish. When you need a product to restore and protect your surfaces, get Share's GUARD ALL.


  • Industrial strength formula contains a unique blend of silicone polymers and surfactants.
  • Contains no petroleum solvents.
  • Special formula penetrates surfaces and resides there to act as a long lasting protectant.
  • VOC compliant, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.
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