CLEAN SHOTS [Gun Lubricating Wipes]

CLEAN SHOTS are specially formulated to effectively clean, lubricate and protect exposed firearm surfaces from moisture. These extra large wipes are pre-moistened and portable. CLEAN SHOTS are safe for all firearm bores, stocks and grips. For bore cleaning, cut the wipe into appropriate sized strips and pass through the bore. CLEAN SHOTS are ideal for wiping down guns after a day in the field or at the range because they clean, protect and preserve all surfaces even in adverse conditions. CLEAN SHOTS contain a high grade lubricant that allows smooth, reliable operation of firearms while protecting them from moisture.


  • Lubricates and protects against rust, corrosion and fingerprints.
  • Safe on all modern firearms.
  • Large 7” x 8” wipes are convenient and portable.
  • Re-sealable canister prevents the wipes from drying out.
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