ACRYLIC CLEAR [Clear Flexible Aerosol Coating]

The non-yellowing clear resins found in ACRYLIC CLEAR aerosol spray from Share dries quickly to a thin flexible barrier. This protective coating and vapor barrier seals out dirt, water, corrosive chemicals, oil and grease, as well as UV rays and ozone that cause paints to fade and weather. ACRYLIC CLEAR is an excellent clear-coat protectant for use on decorative brass and copper as well as painted surfaces. It also waterproofs ignition systems and prevents electrical arcing. The self-priming coating in ACRYLIC CLEAR dries to the touch in 30 minutes and will make the treated surface ready for use in just 24 hours. Share's ACRYLIC CLEAR is clearly the best solution for those items that require a little extra protection to stand up to the fading effects of weather and sunlight.


  • Clear resin remains flexible for maximum protection under various weather conditions.
  • Convenient aerosol dispenser for fast application to large, small or irregular surfaces.
  • Quick-drying formula reduces down time.
  • Filters out some UV rays and ozone to prevent tarnishing and oxidation.
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