Rust Converter

Polymeric Rust Transformer

When corrosion starts to eat away at metal surfaces, curb its appetite with RUST CONVERTER from Share. You'll never see another product like it. RUST CONVERTER literally stops rust and creates a special sealant that protects surfaces from further corrosion. It actually converts ferrous oxide deposits into a black, organic, moisture-resistant material that reinforces and protects the very surface the rust was destroying. RUST CONVERTER permanently bonds with metal to resist wind, rain, sun and even salt solutions. It also acts as an excellent primer to prepare metal surfaces for painting. The water-based formula is non-caustic, making it both safe and easy to apply. So if rust is making a meal out of your metal equipment, take a bite out of corrosion with RUST CONVERTER from Share.


  • Contains no lead, so it can be safely applied by brush, roller, sprayer or dipping.
  • Made with a special blend of penetrants and rust transformers suspended in a water-based polymeric solution.
  • Safe to use in areas where fire or explosive conditions may exist.
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