Odor Neutralizer

Floral Deodorant

Eliminate malodors and offensive smells anywhere by using Share's ODOR NEUTRALIZER. With ODOR NEUTRALIZER, you not only eliminate smells, but actually change the mood of a room by filling it with the sweet aroma of wild flowers. It's easy to use too. Simply fill a spray bottle with ODOR NEUTRALIZER at full strength and give a few pumps. One or two squirts is all it takes to squelch malodors and fill the air with the welcome scent of a floral bouquet. If full strength is too strong for your small rooms or closed spaces, simply dilute ODOR NEUTRALIZER's concentrated formula and customize the scent to each situation. Best of all, ODOR NEUTRALIZER won't harm any surface because it does not contain oils or other staining ingredients. So suppress foreign odors with the fresh scent of ODOR NEUTRALIZER from Share.


  • Easily controls the worst malodors with only one or two squirts.
  • Concentrated liquid formula can be diluted to achieve a desired strength that suits personal tastes.
  • Pleasing floral fragrance.
  • Also use to deodorize automobiles, cigarette urns, garbage compactors, linen baskets, toilets, animal cages and anywhere offensive odors linger.
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