Deodorant Blocks

Solid Odor Suppressors

Block out unwanted, awful malodors with Share's DEODORANT BLOCKS. Made with powerful ingredients, DEODORANT BLOCKS emit vapors that surround and suppress malodors from permeating the air with their offensive odors. Special perfumes and fragrant ingredients, such as Para-Dichlorobenzene, release pleasant, clean smelling aromas to replace the malodors in the air. DEODORANT BLOCKS are also packaged in a variety of sizes so that it can be inconspicuously placed near annoying odors or placed squarely in the middle of a large, offensive-smelling area. DEODORANT BLOCKS can be used anywhere malodors develop. When you need a deodorizer that can freshen large areas and small rooms equally well, bring in the product that's block solid -- DEODORANT BLOCKS from Share.


  • Ready-to-use blocks go anywhere and require no mixing or preparation.
  • Meets federal specification P-D-215 and is U.S.D.A. certified.
  • Recommended for rest rooms, locker rooms, churches, theaters, morgues, auditoriums, gymnasiums, closets, telephone booths, safe deposit vaults, public terminals, etc.
  • Available in four forms: 4 oz. block, 24 oz. room-size block, 20 lb. King-size block and deodorant block with urinal screen.
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