Scentilla Cherry Orchard

Concentrated Odor Counteractant

SCENTILLA CHERRY ORCHARD is a powerful room freshener and deodorizer that will suppress any offensive odor. A mix of robust oils and perfumes work together to provide SCENTILLA CHERRY ORCHARD the muscle to destroy airborne odors. SCENTILLA CHERRY ORCHARD can be used to mist a room or poured into a scent cup to create a lingering aromatic fragrance. Whether ridding a lounge of heavy cigar and cigarette smoke, or deodorizing a sink drain, SCENTILLA CHERRY ORCHARD from Share will freshen the air and eliminate even the most unpleasant odor.


  • Pleasing cherry fragrance.
  • A quick spray keeps unpleasant odors away for hours.
  • Versatile formula can be used as a spray mist or in scent cups.
  • Effective against odors caused by smoke or fire damage.
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