Floating Lift Station Degreaser

Sewage Build Up Remover

Keep lift station walls clear and clean with one easy to use product from Share called FLOATING LIFT STATION DEGREASER. This drain cleaner is made with a blend of carefully selected solvents and emulsifiers which easily strip and dissolve grease, allowing it to be dispersed into the water for complete removal upon pump out. Since it's lighter than water, FLOATING LIFT STATION DEGREASER will float on the surface of water to strip deposits from the sides and walls of lift stations, sewer lines and grease traps. It thoroughly removes grease accumulations because it covers large areas of station walls and equipment with the natural rising and falling of sewage levels. For an effective, efficient and simple way to clear out grease in municipal systems, try FLOATING LIFT STATION DEGREASER from Share.


  • Will not interfere with natural bacterial action.
  • Allows grease and fats to be dispersed in water for removal by pump out.
  • Floating solvent degreaser assures contact with sidewalls as sewage levels rise and fall.
  • Helps to reduce odors generated in holding areas.
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Sewer and Drain
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