Dynasty Micro BC Morning Breeze

Liquid Bacterial Surface Odor Controllant

When water comes to a dead stop and starts to back up in your bathroom drain, it's time to invoke the power of DYNASTY MICRO B.C.-MORNING BREEZE from Share. Pour a small amount of it down your drain and you are actually depositing thousands of tiny animals in your pipes. Consisting of special bacteria, DYNASTY MICRO B.C.-MORNING BREEZE eats away at clogs by digesting organic material. It doesn't take long for blockages to clear out and water to freely pass through. Use DYNASTY MICRO B.C.-MORNING BREEZE in bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, grease traps, bathtubs and all common drain lines. A special ingredient eliminates any odors that may be released while clogged debris is being dislodged and fills the air with a pleasing, fresh fragrance. For clearer drain, that smell much better too, try DYNASTY MICRO B.C.-MORNING BREEZE from Share.


  • Formulated with a liquid suspension containing facultative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria cultures.
  • Also use to control odors which stem from organic waste residing on bathroom surfaces, soiled rugs, carpets and terrazzo.
  • A Designated Green Product means it is completely safe for the environment.
  • Eliminates odors with a pleasing, fresh fragrance.
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