TOILET D-ODOR [Vault Toilet Deodorant]

When you must go a long stretch of time before emptying your holding tanks of solid wastes, add TOILET D-ODOR from Share to prevent odor. This amazing product is a special liquid treatment that inhibits the foul odors normally associated with solid waste. This product temporarily eliminates the immediate need to empty tanks. The odor blockers and aroma enhancers in TOILET D-ODOR leave behind a fresh, sweet, sugary scent that helps keep foul odors in check until you can empty your tanks. Once disposed, TOILET D-ODOR can be safely processed without affecting conventional waste treatment facilities. When waste disposal must be put on hold, don't let malodors choke the air. Use Share's TOILET D-ODOR.


  • Formaldehyde-free formulation uses odor blocking agents.
  • Economical to use with dilution rates as low as 3 oz. per 60 gal. of waste capacity.
  • Ideal for use in static or recirculating systems.
  • VOC compliant as a toilet/urinal product.
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