S-Scents Bayberry

Concentrated Water-Based Deodorizer

Don't just cover up foul odors, eliminate them with Share's S-SCENTS BAYBERRY fragrance. Unlike ordinary deodorizers that simply mask odors, S-SCENTS use advanced chemistry to surround the molecular structure of malodors and suppress obnoxious odors from permeating the air. A quick spray of S-SCENTS not only eliminates awful smells, but actually changes the mood of a room by filling it with the sweet scent of fresh berries. They're also easy to use. Simply fill a spray bottle with an S-SCENTS fragrance at full strength and give it a few pumps--one or two squirts is all it takes to overcome malodors. Best of all, S-SCENTS will not harm surfaces because it contains no oils or staining ingredients. So eliminate foreign odors with the fresh, pleasant scent of S-SCENTS BAYBERRY.


  • Eliminates odors by surrounding and suppressing their molecular structure.
  • Once foul odors are controlled, rooms are filled with the sweet scent of fresh berries.
  • Can be diluted with water to create an economical deodorizer or used at full strength to overpower strong odors.
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