Lemon Odor Control

Concentrated Deodorant

Malodors are natural bi-products that are emitted when organic waste decomposes. However, no matter how natural they are, they are still foul and unwanted. To eliminate these odors, use the natural scent of Share's LEMON ODOR CONTROL. The concentrated fragrance allows it to be effective on a variety of waste products and in an array of refuse containers. Use it in sewage treatment plants, aerators, sewer mains, dumpsters and other similar areas where waste collects. LEMON ODOR CONTROL effectively neutralizes odors without affecting bacterial action in digesters, lagoons, filter beds, septic tanks or drain fields. It stamps out nauseating odors and permeates the air with the sweet, fruity scent of lemons. While it's necessary for organic waste to break down, it isn't necessary to be reminded with noxious odors. Suppress odors with Share's LEMON ODOR CONTROL.


  • Various methods of application including spraying, dripping or pouring on odor sources.
  • Also use at rendering plants, cheese plants, dairy processing plants and tanneries.
  • Deodorize room, area or container by filling spray bottle and misting air.
  • Will not interfere with the natural digestion process.
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