Cherry Odor Control

Concentrated Odor Neutralizer

CHERRY ODOR CONTROL offers you a refreshing option to controlling difficult, offensive odors. Whether you need to rid a hotel lobby or musty cigar smoke or you need to suppress extremely tough odors at a sewage plant, CHERRY ODOR CONTROL can do the job. For general deodorizing purposes, simply pour CHERRY ODOR CONTROL at full strength into a spray bottle and give it a few pumps. One or two squirts is all it takes to quickly replace malodors with the sweet scent of cherries. CHERRY ODOR CONTROL contains no oils or staining ingredients making it ideal for use around furniture. CHERRY ODOR CONTROL is also strong enough to control heavy odors produced in industrial settings such as sewage plants, lagoons, aerators, sewer mains and laterals, garbage bins, dumpsters, haulers and dumps. Plus, it won't harm bacteria, making it perfect for use with various digestion methods. So try Share's CHERRY ODOR CONTROL. It's a sweet solution to foul odor problems.


  • Add to mop water and improve a room's scent while swabbing floors.
  • Dries quickly without streaking or leaving spots.
  • Deodorize automobiles, cigarette urns, garbage compactors, linen baskets, toilets, animal cages and anywhere offensive odors linger.
  • Can also be used in industrial settings - sewage plants, lagoons, dumpsters, aerators, etc.
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