AR-CHEM AG SPECTRA-BLUE [Marking Concentrate]

High Visibility Agricultural Marking Concentrate

When you're applying fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to your fields, you require a marker that shows you where you've been. It helps prevent over application and ensures economical use of your chemicals. So, why spend the time and money marking your fields if you can't see the markers? AR-CHEM AG SPECTRA-BLUE has been designed to make your foam marker stand out. Simply add it to foam marking agents such as AR-CHEM AG AGRI-BEST, AR-CHEM AG CS-80 or AR-CHEM AG NAVIGATOR FOAM MARKER, and let AR-CHEM AG SPECTRA-BLUE show you the way back on your return trips. Foam suddenly becomes vibrant enough to be seen in low light. This is especially advantageous for the equipment operator who must spray fields at pre-dawn or early twilight when ambient light conditions are not at their best. When you want to leave "a trail of crumbs" to follow back, use AR-CHEM AG SPECTRA-BLUE.



  • Economical dilution rate: mixes readily with water at one to two ounces per 10 gallons of mixed foam solution.
  • Does not leave behind residues which could affect soil or plants.
  • Also available in AR-CHEM AG SPECTRA-RED.
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Agricultural Products
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