AR-CHEM AG SLICK SHOT [Prohibits Residue Adhesion]

Prevent agricultural spray products from sticking to equipment surfaces with AR-CHEM AG SLICK SHOT. Manufactured as a liquid, AR-CHEM AG SLICK SHOT can be applied onto metal surfaces, storage tanks and floaters. A thin layer of this product provides a siliconized coating which repels any liquid sprays from adhering to treated surfaces. Herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and adjuvants will not cling to storage tanks. Plus, AR-CHEM AG SLICK SHOT acts as a protective finish, leaving metal parts and surfaces looking shiny new. Simple to use, AR-CHEM AG SLICK SHOT is simply the best protection for your agricultural equipment.



  • Coats equipment with non-stick,¬†protective coating to prevent unwanted deposits from adhering.
  • Easily applied by either spraying, rolling, or brushing onto surfaces.
  • Also provides a high gloss protective and decorative shine to metal surfaces.
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Agricultural Products
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