AR-CHEM AG BUBBLE BUSTER [Concentrated Defoamer]

Eliminate foam in spray tanks with a knock-out punch from Ar-Chem Ag's BUBBLE BUSTER. As floaters and other application equipment travel up and down fields, adjuvants, surfactants, pesticides and fertilizers tend to slosh around in holding tanks. This constant shifting and jostling generates foam which can cause a variety of problems. Spray patterns may apply products unevenly, mechanical calibrations can be affected and foam may actually improperly change the dilution rate of solutions in the tank. By first adding Ar-Chem Ag's BUBBLE BUSTER to tanks, subsequent products added into the tank will no longer create foam. Even in tanks where foam has already developed, adding BUBBLE BUSTER to solutions will knock down any existing bubbles. When foam pops up, put bubbles down with BUBBLE BUSTER from Ar-Chem Ag.



  • Can be added prior to the introduction of agricultural chemicals to prevent foam formations from occurring.
  • Can be used to provide immediate knock down of existing foam formations.
  • As little as 1 to 2 ounces will control foam in 100 gallons of spray solution.
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Agricultural Products
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