Ar-Chem Ag Agri-Best Foam Marker

Foam Marking Concentrate

It's easy to skip over areas of your fields when you apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. It's even easier to overlap applications. Avoid these problems by blazing a trail each time down your field with AR-CHEM AG AGRI-BEST FOAM MARKER from Share Corporation. The ability to remain intact in extreme heat, intense sunlight and dry soil make it one of the premium agricultural products available. Its ability to retain these characteristics when used with hard water places AR-CHEM AG AGRI-BEST FOAM MARKER in a category of its own. This specially formulated concentrate contains built-in water softeners that allow you to use an economical dilution rate with hard water without adding water softening agents.



  • May be used at a dilution rate as high as 120:1, depending on water hardness.
  • Compatible with anti-freeze, water softening agents and foam marking dyes.
  • Foam remains intact in extreme heat, intense sunlight and dry soil.
  • Blue color allows operator to check for proper mixing with simple visual inspection.
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Agricultural Products
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