AR-CHEM AG CHEM TITAN [Pesticide Tank Cleaner & Neutralizer]

When spraying your fields for weeds and insects, you can't simply start randomly mixing herbicides and insecticides in your tank. Certain chemical combinations may counter the effectiveness of the pesticides you're using, or you may create a deadly poison that might kill your crop. Even a tank which contains only small traces of a previously used pesticide may contaminate any subsequent pesticides you use on your crops. To thoroughly and completely clean your tank, use CHEM TITAN from Ar-Chem Ag. This concentrated alkaline solvent has been formulated to lift and separate all pesticide residues from tank surfaces. CHEM TITAN even mixes with hard water to emulsify and disperse chemical deposits. To safely wash tanks and eliminate cross contamination, get the cleaning solvent that always puts pesticides in check -- CHEM TITAN from Ar-Chem Ag.



  • Environmentally friendly formula is non-flammable, water soluble, and biodegradable.
  • Non-corrosive formulation is safe for use on metal and painted surfaces.
  • Effectively removes field debris, fertilizer, pesticide, and spray adjuvant residues from tanks.
  • Safe for use on floater equipment and spray booms.
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Agricultural Products
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