Granular Deodorant

Powerful Odor Controllant

When trash bins, incinerator pits and other areas begin emitting uncontrollable odors, GRANULAR DEODORANT counteracts those noxious odors. Unlike fragrant deodorizers which attempt to mask malodors with pungent aromas GRANULAR DEODORANT actually destroys them. It contains a powerful deodorizer to neutralize and eliminate foul odors as it releases a cherry fragance. This clears the air of maladors to let everyone breathe easier. GRANULAR DEODORANT is a highly concentrated formula that not only controls odors, but also absorbs liquids which are often the source of the odor.


  • Reacts chemically with the odor molecule changing its characteristics and replacing it with a pleasing cherry fragrance.
  • Sprinkle in garbage containers, refuse cans, truck beds and directly to debris.
  • Absorbs excess odor-causing liquids.
  • VOC compliant solid air freshener.
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