Germicidal Disinfectant

Phenolic Aerosol w/Lemon Scent

From hospitals to athletic locker rooms GERMICIDAL DISINFECTANT from Share is the complete disinfectant you can use on just about any surface. Formulated with phenolic ingredients, GERMICIDAL DISINFECTANT has the strength and ability to kill dangerous pathogenic organisms that reside on surfaces including various bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. Not even tuberculosis or the AIDS virus will survive an encounter with GERMICIDAL DISINFECTANT. As an aerosol, you have the versatility to disinfect a variety of different objects. For hard surfaces, just spray and let dry. No wiping is required. You can even sanitize porous surfaces such as mattresses, shoes, curtains and athletic equipment by permeating articles with a burst of disinfectant spray. Don't let harmful germs and microorganisms literally grow out of hand. Kill them on the spot with GERMICIDAL DISINFECTANT.


  • Kills airborne bacteria and eliminates odors with a fresh lemon scent.
  • Controls herpes, polio, and influenza.
  • Phenolic active ingredients provide hospital quality disinfecting activity.
  • Convenient aerosol dispenser makes application fast and efficient.
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