Foaming Cleaner

Clinging Foam Disinfectant

For an exceptional microbicidal cleaner, and disinfectant, get aerosol FOAMING CLEANER from Share. Use it on a variety of surfaces in almost any setting including bathrooms, showers, kitchens, air conditioner cooling coils and refrigerator or freezer evaporative coils, patient's rooms and garbage containers. FOAMING CLEANER features a powerful formula that kills odor-producing and dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew. FOAMING CLEANER is an effective mildewstat, bactericide, fungicide, and virucide for use on hard, inanimate surfaces. Use this handy product to clean and disinfect hospital beds, traction devices, MRI machines, CAT scan machine, examining tables, scales, paddles and wheel chairs in the health care industry. For an all purpose disinfectant that's easy to use, try FOAMING CLEANER from Share.


  • Convenient aerosol dispenser is fast and efficient on small spots or large surface areas.
  • After spraying the thick, clinging foam, even vertical surfaces are disinfected within 10 minutes.
  • Effective as a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, bactericide, virucide, fungicide and mildewstat when used as directed.
  • EPA Registration Number: 1839-84-11547.
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