Fractional Drill Bits

135 degree point provides for less feed pressure when drilling and is self-starting without center punching or using pilot holes (1/8 inch and larger); High moly tool steel for durable cutting edge for drilling steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and non-ferrous metals; blank and gold oxide finish holds lubricant; 3 flats on shank won't clip in keyless chucks (1/4 inch and larger); Available individually and in a portable plastic index.



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Flexible Aqua Light

  • Flexible light wand can be inserted into confined spaces to illuminate work areas that would obstruct light from traditional work lights.
  • 48 LED bulbs with single warm white LED intensity up to 12000mcd (millicandela) and 6500K color temperature (compares to the brightness outside, 12 pm on a clear day).
  • Waterproof grade IP66 (Ingress Protection: Dust tight/protected against heavy seas); 100% waterproof in depths down to 39 feet; and can be washed with water over and over again.
  • 3-4 hours continuous use on a single charge.
  • The gradual lighting startup design protects the user's eyes from sudden high bright beam.
  • Continuous lighting can be achieved while charging with adapters.
  • Super long service life of built-in 2600mAH LiFeP04 batter, charge and discharge cycles exceeds 2000 times.
  • UL approved charger.



  • Battery run time indicator light on the handle glows and indicates the batter life remaining.
  • Red strobe light indicates low battery that needs charging.
  • Built in wand clips hold the light wand as a lighting loop and also aid for easier storage.
  • LEDs are positioned on both sides of the light wand, providing 360 degree illuminatio.
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Flap Wheels

  • Made with high quality resin bond Aluminum Oxide cloth.
  • Precision balanced for smooth running and low vibration.
  • Great for blending parting lines and grind marks, as well as removing weld flash, minor burrs, rust and other surface contaminants.
  • Available in a variety of common grits and sizes.
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Flap Disk

  • Made of high quality, self-sharpening Zirconia Alumina Grain.
  • Outstanding cut rate and long life.
  • Standard and high density available in hubbed and unhubbed.
  • Great for grinding, deburring, and blending all steel materials, including stainless stell.
  • Conveniently packaged in shrink-wrapped sleeves.
  • Type 29 for maximum contact.
  • Standard or High Density.
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Extra Long Flex-Head Ratchets

  • 36 fine tooth ratchet design for maximum torque.
  • Less than 10 degree sweep for use in tight confined spaces.
  • Extra long flex-head for easier access to confined areas and enhanced ergonomics.
  • Push button socket release design.
  • Meets ANSI/ASME B107.10 M-1996.
  • Heavy- duty mirror finish chrome-vanadium steel provides maximum strength and durability.
  • Ergonomic comfort grip rubber handle for a stronger grip and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Polished chrome plating for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Extra long ratchet with rubber grip handle.
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Ergo Screwdriver Set 10 pc.

10 Pc. Screwdriver Set with Ergonomic Confort Grip Traction Grooves Handles



  • Magnetized precision ground blank oxide tips.
  • Slip resistant Ergonomic handle manufactured from impact resistant TPR material with fatigue proof thumb tranction groves.
  • Hex bolsters on shanks makes it easy to use a wrench to loose difficult screws.
  • Heavy-duty chrome vanadium go-through hex steel shafts with metial striking caps.
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Ergo Safety Strip Cut Pliers

  • Razor share, precision ground stripping stations consistently and accurately strip insulation without nicking the smallest conductors.
  • Safety guards slide behind cable ties, straps and lacing on bundles without fear of any invasion into the outer bundle sheathing.
  • Custom ergonomic cushion grip handles are designed to fit your hand, maximize natural hand contraction motion and are assisted with an auto return spring.
  • Simple and easy to operate thumb slide locking/unlocking lever.
  • Works excellent on all cable tie strap widths.
  • Heat-treated alloy steel jaws and handles are a Rockwell 53-58Rc.
  • Heat-treated alloy steel and scissor action cutter provide long life and clean cuts when cutting plastic, copper and aluminum wire.
  • Precisely strips 12gga.-22ga. stranded and 10-ga.-20ga. solid copper and aluminum wire.
  • Designed for electricians, instrument and control technicians, maintenance and repair technicians, assembly personnel, shipping and receiving personnel, installers, home owners and much more.
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Deluxe Tape Measure 27ft.

  • Two tools in one, measures both fractional and metric lengths.
  • User friendly blade is nylon coated to rsist rust and corrosion and is marked with crisp easy to read 1/16 in/ 1 mm graduations.
  • Self-locking blade retraction feature allows the blade to remain extended at desired lengths until the trigger is pulled for retraction.
  • Durable impact resistant rubber housing helps prevent damage caused from dropping while giving the user a better grip.
  • Built-in protect-all finger guard, protects finger from blade whiplash and contains a custom slop-stop at the base to help prevent foreign material from entering the tape measure housing.
  • Built-in thumb traction nodules on the protect-all finger guard help prevent grip loss while in use.
  • Extremely long measurement scan be made before blade breakover occurs.
  • 27 ft tape extends 8 ft before blade breakover.
  • Custom affixed rubber coated magnetic tip allows for simple one person measurements and scratch resistant connecitons.
  • Measure fractional and metric with one tape.
  • Dual belt clip placement allows the clip to be reversed for right or left handed users.
  • Extens to great lengths before blade breakover occurs.
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Deluxe Master Security Bit Driver Kit

Includes contents of 81100900 plus: All-in-1 screwdriver handle and bit, ratcheting dual driver, mini bit ratcheting tool with handle, mini combination ratcheting - fixed tool, 4 in magnetic bit extension, 8 in. magnetic bit extension, jointed swivel driver, #1 cryocut double ended 4 - flute Phillips countersink bit, #2 cryocut double ended 4 - flute Phillips countersink bit, #3 cryocut double ended 4 - flute Phillips countersink bit.

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Cut-Off Wheels

  • Made with quality resin bonding, fiberglass reinforcement and aluminum oxide grain.
  • Great choice for general purpose all-steel cutting.
  • Provides good cut rate and excellent life on stainless steel and mild steel.
  • Well balanced for smooth, accurate cutting with minimal burrs, smoke and dust.
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