Aloe Soft [Aloe Hand Soap]

If you combined the sudsing lather of a powerful hand soap and the natural skin softening ability of aloe with the convenience of a creamy lotion, what you would have is ALOE SOFT from Share. Gentle yet powerful cleansers lift ground-in dirt from heavily soiled hands while the natural aloe conditioners soften your overworked hands. ALOE SOFT does not contain silicone or lanolin so it won't leave behind a sticky residue after you rinse. It doesn't contain a heavy, medicinal odor, either. Instead, your hands are left with a pleasant, mild floral scent. Share combines all the best attributes of hand soap in one easy-to-dispense - ALOE SOFT.

  • Natural aloe conditioners softens skin as it cleans.
  • Rich, creamy lather powers through tough dirt to leave hands soft and clean.
  • Pleasant-scented, mild lotion formula leaves no stickiness or residue.
  • May be used in a wide variety of dispensers
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