WIZZARD PLUS AEROSOL [Instant Carpet Spotter]

WIZZARD PLUS is effective on dirty, oily and greasy carpet spots. New formula WIZZARD PLUS makes spots disappear, never to be seen again! The inverted spray aerosol lets you just spray and walk away. No bending, kneeling, scrubbing, brushes or towels needed - what could be easier? WIZZARD PLUS Instant Carpet Spotter disappears most kinds of carpet spots - dirt, mud, food grease, oil, road tar, most food and beverage spots, blood and urine to name a few. It quickly dissolves the spot and drives it down into the pad. It's amazing! Works best on smaller spots; big spills may need extraction or absorbent towels. WIZZARD PLUS also deodorizes, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance behind.



  • WIZZARD PLUS 's pinpoint spray eliminates grease spots, tar and oily dirt.
  • Removes most spots without brushing, scrubbing or blotting.
  • Safe on stain-repellent and fifth-generation carpeting.
  • Use WIZZARD PLUS to pretreat spots and stains before extraction cleaning.
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Carpet Care
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