TOUGH-FLEX [Concrete Gray Professional Series Sealant]

No maintenance department is complete without a tube of TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY from Share. TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY is a professional series urethane sealant designed to be the "duct tape" of sealants. TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY forms a quick durable bond that is both weather resistant and watertight. Use TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY to repair cracks in concrete and walls; reseal roof flashings, gutters and downspouts; install gravel stops and reglets; produce a tight seal around skylights, vents and more. TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY is even great for use around high-vibration areas and equipment like roof-top fans and air conditioning units. TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY remains flexible over a wide temperature range (150°F down to -40°F)and fully cures in two to four days depending on relative humidity. Whether your building is brand new, or centuries old, keep it sealed and weathertight with TOUGH-FLEX CONCRETE GRAY from Share.



  • Forms a durable, weather-resistant, watertight bond with most building materials including: stone, ceramic, wood, steel aluminum and most plastics.
  • Paintable when it's cured with latex-type paints.
  • Remains flexible in temperatures ranging from 150°F and -40°F.
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