Super Spray Stick

Professional Series Adhesive

If you need to bring two surfaces together, surfaces that don't usually stick together, get the job done with SUPER SPRAY STICK professional series adhesive from Share. SUPER SPRAY STICK is a fast-drying industrial-grade adhesive that provides permanent or temporary bonds between a wide range of surfaces. This multipurpose adhesive is stronger than conventional aerosol adhesives, and provides an even coat that is resistant to heat, moisture and water. Plus, SUPER SPRAY STICK features an adjustable 3-way spray nozzle with low, medium and high settings to allow the user to customize the width of the spray pattern. This special nozzle helps to minimize messy over spray and eliminate waste. Whether it's metal on metal, fabric on metal, plastic on metal, whatever the surfaces - bring them together with SUPER SPRAY STICK from Share.



  • Fast drying, industrial grade adhesive is safe to use on any surface.
  • Provides high strength that is heat, moisture and water resistant.
  • Provides both temporary and permanent bonds.
  • VOC compliant aerosol adhesive.
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