Silicone RTV-White

Sealer - Caulker -Adhesive

When gaps need sealing, do not use ordinary caulking products. They tend to be difficult to apply and they don't last very long. Share's SILICONE RTV - WHITE can seal cracks on a variety of materials including glass, wood, metal, rubber, ceramic and plastic, making it ideal for sinks, tubs, showers, windows, doors and walls. A resilient compound, SILICONE RTV - WHITE is formulated to withstand the temperature extremes of any climate while it's consistency allows it to contract and expand - so it won't sag or shrink under adverse conditions. A highly adhesive material, SILICONE RTV - WHITE readily sticks to surfaces without a mess and is easy to wash away with soap and water before it dries.



  • Ideal for sealing out moisture in a variety of areas.
  • Reduces down time by eliminating the need for lengthy repairs.
  • Excellent for insulating electrical wiring and components.
  • Dries in one hour and completely cures in 24 hours.
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