SHOWROOM SHINE [Waterless Wash & Wax]

All you have to do with Share's SHOWROOM SHINE waterless wash and wax is spray it on and buff it off. SHOWROOM SHINE thoroughly cleans and waxes any hard, smooth, nonporous surface quickly and easily. It not only removes dirt, road tar, bird droppings and even oxidation from your vehicles but it can also be used indoors to restore the shine on glossy painted surfaces like metal, glass, plastic and more. SHOWROOM SHINE contains Carnauba wax to provide a deep and long lasting shine. Plus it's safe to use on all types of paint, including clear coat. Best of all, the waterless formula of SHOWROOM SHINE won’t leave behind water spots.


  • Cleans and waxes in one easy step.
  • Contains additives to encapsulate dirt and provide a durable shine.
  • Safe to use on any hard, smooth, non-porous surface, including chrome, glass, Plexiglas
  • Perfect to use on cars, boats, trucks, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles, RVs and more.
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