Sentry 3 Deodorizing System

Bathroom Odor Control Program

SENTRY 3 DEODORIZING SYSTEM is an enzymatic cleaning and deodorizing system for toilet bowls and urinals. This enzymatic system is broken into two individual parts; rim stick toilet bowl hanger and screened urinal puck. The rim stick is a caged block that hangs on the inside of the toilet. The screened urinal puck is placed in a urinal helping to block debris. Both biodegradable, enzyme-based blocks eliminate odors and dissolve mineral deposits, hard water scale, and uric salts to provide continuous drain maintenance. SENTRY 3 DEODORIZING SYSTEM doesn't just cover up foul bathroom odors, it eliminates them.


  • Cleans and deodorizes with every flush.
  • Dissolves uric acids and minerals.
  • Safe for plumbing and septic tanks.
  • Bowl water is non-toxic to children and pets.
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Designated Green
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