Saniclean Wipes

Hygienic Toilet Seat Wipes

You can be assured of a clean, healthy and useable toilet seat every time with SANICLEAN WIPES from Share. These easy to use wipes are premoistened with a potent formula that cleans on contact and evaporates within seconds. Best of all, SANICLEAN WIPES are biodegradable and completely flushable, so they won't cause plumbing back-ups like a porous paper seat cover that often does, or rip and make a cluttered mess on the bathroom floor. SANICLEAN WIPES come in 150 count pouches that refill the SANICLEAN WIPES dispenser.


  • Formula quickly evaporates.
  • Fast-evaporating formula premoistened on biodegradable fabric.
  • Quick and easy to use-just wipe and discard.
  • Convenient dispenser can be mounted anywhere.



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