SANI-DET [Hard Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant]

SANI-DET from Share is a ready to use quart disinfectant that utilizes dual quaternary ammonium chloride compounds, detergents and builders, to provide effective, hard surface cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting. The powerful quaternary system in SANI-DET has been EPA-approved to kill Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and HIV-1 (the AIDS virus). SANI-DET is used for general cleaning and disinfecting in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other institutions. SANI-DET also helps to control odors in areas that are hard to keep smelling fresh, by eliminating the microorganisms that cause odors.


  • Dual quaternary ammonium chloride ingredients work effectively against a wide variety of pathogenic organisms, including the AIDS Virus.
  • Deodorizes problems areas by removing microorganisms that cause odors.
  • When used as directed, provides bactericidal and fungicidal activity.
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