Powdered Car Wash

Powdered Car Truck & Trailer Wash

After a long cross-country haul, chances are your vehicle needs a long, hot bath to look like its old self. One of the best ways to get your car or truck clean is with Share's POWDERED CAR WASH. It incorporates a combination of concentrate cleaners designed to strip filth from start to finish. Wetting, penetrating and water softening agents create a thick lather that gets under grime to deposit POWDERED CAR WASH's fast-acting cleaning agents where your vehicle needs them most. Made up of alkalis, detergents and emulsifiers, these cleaning agents attack dirt, soot, diesel exhaust and road film without harming waxed finishes. POWDERED CAR WASH also contains a rinsing aid that ensures the easy removal of soap without causing streaking. Give your little baby the tender loving care it deserves. Don't use harsh soaps, use POWDERED CAR WASH from Share.


  • Biodegradable formula is as gentle to the environment as it is to your vehicle.
  • Restores the luster to your vehicle.
  • Emulsifies dirt to rinse away with ease.
  • Safe to use on buses, cars, trucks, trailers, etc.
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