OIL TYCOON [Liquid Stain Absorbent]

OIL TYCOON is a liquid stain absorbent and remover. It is highly effective against hydrocarbon-based oils, greases, barbecue grill stains, silicone oils from tire dressings and many other stains. It is compatible with asphalt, concrete, paving stones, pressure treated wood, composite decking and other surfaces. Although OIL TYCOON was specifically designed to reach into the pores of porous and untreated surfaces for deep stain removal, it will also remove stains from treated and sealed surfaces. OIL TYCOON has been thickened so that it may even be applied to vertical surfaces.


  • Easy to apply by pouring, brushing, or rolling onto stained surfaces.
  • Dries to a powder for easy removal by brushing, sweeping, blowing or rinsing.
  • No scrubbing or rinsing necessary.
  • Biodegradable.
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Floor Care
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