OG 73 [Peelable Protective Coating]

OG 73 is a clear, odorless liquid that can be applied to nearly any non-porous surface. When applied, it dries to a clear film which protects against things like spray paint, marker, crayon and lipstick. OG 73’s thickened formula adheres to vertical surfaces and is water-resistant, allowing it to be used outdoors. OG 73 will not affect signs’ reflective properties or yellow. OG 73 is ideal for use on painted, powder coated, electroplated, solid plastic or metal surfaces including signs, lockers, bathroom partitions, vending machines, doors, walls, windows, mirrors, and surfaces that cannot be repainted if defaced. After the surface has been vandalized, OG 73 can be peeled off or removed by rinsing with water and light scrubbing taking the graffiti with it. Depending on application method and thickness, OG 73 will cover up to 350-400 square feet per gallon.


  • Crystal clear coating will not yellow. 
  • Easily peels or rinses away taking graffiti with it.
  • Thickened so it won't run off vertical surfaces.
  • Pays for itself by saving cleaning time and replacement costs!
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